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มีผู้ชม 106 ครั้ง

Electrostatic Hand Gun

Newly improved, from grip to gun tip, The new expanded lineup now includes an air assisted airless type as well as an air spray type.



  • Light weight and ergonomically improved
    The gun bodies are constructed from more durable polymers designed to achieve a better, more balanced feel in the operator′s hand. In addition to optimum weight distribution we have also achieved a 24% weight reduction (in comparison with past models). Fatigue is lessened and productivity improved.
  • Improved atomization and transfer efficiency
    Redistributing the pressure in the air cap has adjusted the balance between the atomization and pattern air so that paint particles move slower through the changing field which allows stronger charging and higher transfer efficiency.
  • Improved durability
    The number of parts used in the gun has been reduced by 25% in comparison with past models, greatly improving reliability and durability.


Trigger pull has been reduced by 50%, and the dual stage air valve eliminates air to fluid transition.

Electrostatic hand spray gun VECTOR R90

Pre-tested and certified air caps ensure a high quality finish.

Electrostatic hand spray gun VECTOR R90

A single switch turns the voltage ON/OFF at the user's fingertips and can move between three pre-selected voltage levels.

Electrostatic hand spray gun VECTOR R90



Air Spray 85kV
Model No. Solvent 79503 79500
Model No. Waterborne 79520 79523
Transfer Effi ciency 60 ~ 90% 60 ~ 90%
Weight 620g 735g
Length 272mm 272mm
Tip Voltage 85kV 85kV
Max. Fluid Delivery
300mL/min 300mL/min
Max. Fluid Pressure 0.69MPa 0.69MPa
Max. Air Pressure 0.69MPa 0.69MPa
Cable Length 10,15,20,30m 10,15,20,30m



VECTOR Electrostatic Hand Gun

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