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LVMP Detachable type Automatic Spray Gun

The T2AGPV incorporates all the features of the T-AGPV a standard compact spray gun in the market and also

  • More durable
  • Easier to clean
  • Easier to maintain

The T2AGPV: An even higher class of automatic spray gun


Automatic Spray Gun for Robot-mount

Built upon the company’s reputable, compact automatic spray gun designed for robot mounting the T-AGPV, the new T2AGPV is a high-class automatic spray gun that features incredibly enhanced durability and ease of cleaning, as well as ease of maintenance.

The product features completely new designs in terms of not only the gun body itself, but also in terms of manifold and air caps, as well as all other parts of the gun so as to enhance its durability and ease of cleaning, as well as maintainability.

We have made the T2AGPV to be robust and durable that it can be used within demanding environments for not just painting/coating, but for all different kinds of liquid application tasks as well.

The T2AGPV features a well-received detachable-type design, which means that the main body portion of the spray gun can be detached from the manifold. This makes for easy maintenance of the gun body. The relative dimensions of the mounting hole in manifold and the apical end of the fluid tip are the same as seen in the T-AGPV.

This means that upgrading your old T-AGPV to the T-AGPV to the T2AGPV does not require reprogramming of the robot using the device, since product specifications will already be completely compatible with your present set-up. The dimensions of the air caps are also made to be compatible with that of the current product, meaning that no reconfiguration of coating conditions/requirements is needed as well.

More durable
  • The gun body and manifold both employ incredibly durable stainless steel. Huge improvements have been made in terms of resistance to shocks and for friction that occurs in the sections of the device that slide and of the threads (for the requirement of lighter weight gun, aluminum version is also available).
  • The diameter of the needle shaft has been increased from 3.6 mm to 4.0 mm for increased strength.
  • The product comes equipped standard with a fluid tip with a soft seat, meaning that any issues with respect to leakage from the tip of the fluid tip have been improved.
  • The needle packing features a new design that greatly decreases the problem of sticking coating material, which results in preventing leakage.
  • The fluid connectors also employ stainless steel for a design that features an extremely high level of durability.
Easier to clean
  • The product features a fluid passage that is very easy to clean, since there is no steps therein that preventing from poor finishing caused by the stagnant paint.
  • Fluid tips that comprise the newly designed body and seal sections do not allow coating materials to leak into the thread part, making for an improvement in terms of ease of cleaning.
Easier to maintain
  • The new design features arr caps in which the horn sections have been chamfered. This decreases air turbulence, resulting in less contaminantion at the air cap surfaces.
  • The number of parts within the piston section has been greatly decreased, making assembly easy.
Other features
  • We offer fixed-types and adjustable-types of the product for needle strokes which end users can select for their suitable coating system.
  • In terms of the film thickness distribution of spray pattems, the newly designed 807MT2 air caps have flat / even trapezoidal pattern shape.

Soft Seat tip

Issues with fl uid leakage from the fl uid tip are almost completely resolved:
DeVILBISS spray guns have embedded soft seat (PTFE) in the fl uid tips, allowing for the resolution of issues of the fl uid leakage at the needle point.


A fixed needle pull length type and an adjustable needle pull length are both available to select

T2AGPV-F (Fixed type)
Needle strokes are 4mm fixed. They are suited for paint supply systems that use gear pumps or air operated fluid regulators.

T2AGPV-F (Adjustable type)
Needle strokes can be changed using the needle adjustment knob on the rear side. (0 mm to 4.0 mm)


The adjustable type with scales is also available that allows for easy recognition of the flow rate adjustment.


Addition of newly designed air caps

Air cap (807MT2)

807MT2 air caps (LVMP low-air volume, medium pressure atomization type) feature spray patterns that are wide with fi lm thickness distribution that is trapezoidal in shape, making it suitable for coating on large surface areas.

Taperd Edge

Film thickness distribution


Air cap (805MT2)

805MT2 air caps (LVMP low-air volume, medium pressure atomization type) feature fi lm thickness distribution that is trapezoidal in shape and is suitable for coating on smaller to medium-sized surfaces.

Blunt Edge

Film thickness distribution


  Pattern Remote Control
Maximum Fluid Pressure 0.7MPa
Atomization Air Pressure 0.1 ~ 0.4Mpa
Operation Air Pressure 0.35 ~ 0.5Mpa
Fluid Tube 6 × 4mm
Atomization / Pattern Air Tube 6 × 4mm × 2
Operation Air Tube 6 × 4mm
Weight : Stainless steel 730g(T2AGPV-A78)
Weight : Aluminum 366g(T2AGPV-A68)
Combination of Air cap & Fluid tip
Air Cap No. Fluid Tip (Size)
Compatible Air Consumption
Pattern Range
805MT2 G(0.7) 280 220
807MT2 G(0.7) - 280

T2AGPV LVMP Detachable type Automatic Spray Gun

The T2AGPV: An even higher class of automatic spray gun

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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T2AGPV LVMP gun is a small, light-weight Automatic Compact gun and suitable for robots and automatic machines. Models and application information follows.ment.

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