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มีผู้ชม 702 ครั้ง

Compact gun body with detachment system and LVMP atomization

Low flow rate automatic spray gun specifically designed and suited for spraying small objects

For painting small objects such as cases and parts for cell-phones, PCs and automobiles etc, a stable, low volume spray is crucial for the improvement of finish quality. Though the adoption of low pressure atomization technolgy, our compact size T-AGPZ automatic spray gun makes stable paint application and higher transfer efficiency possible by halving the painting distance while holding paint bounce-back to a minimum.


  • High paint transfer efficiency provided by low pressure atomization system
    High paint transfer efficiency is achieved and stable paint delivery made possible even when delivery volume is 20mL/min ~ 100mL/min and spraying distance is 100mm. Perfectly suited for handling small objects that conventional guns had difficulty with.
  • Longer operating life
    Tungsten carbide, which boasts superior hardness, is used in the fluid tip and needle.
  • 2 step triggering system used (patent pending)
    A 2 step triggering system which adds a cleaning mode position to the conventional ON / OFF position has been adopted on the T-AGPZ model. Cleaning performance is dramatically improved and the time it takes to change colors has been greatly reduced (in-house comparison shows a reduction by half). Moreover, on the fully automatic model, switching to the cleaning mode can be controlled remotely by air, greatly improving operating performance.
  • Newly designed air cap that has superior anti-contaminating properties
    Incorporating our own unique ideas for cap edge processing, our newly developed air cap is less prone to contamination/clogging than existing ones for spraying small objects at short spray distance. The results are shown in a shortening of the down-time for cleaning.
  • Various models to choose from
    With both fully automatic and semi automatic models to choose from, you can select the model that best suits the painting environment and the level of painting automation required.
    (Conventional manual needle adjusting kit is also available as an option).

Fully Automatic Type

This is a fully automatic gun that employs a 2 step triggering system that carries out dual-air controlled remote switching between the Paint (Paint ON / Paint OFF) and Cleaning modes.


Semi Automatic Type

This is a 2 step triggering system semi automatic gun that uses air for remote controlled switching of the Paint mode (Paint ON/ Paint OFF) and a control dial on the back of the gun for switching between needle triggering position(1.5mm / 2.0 mm) and the cleaning mode.


2 step triggering system

Adoption of a 2 step triggering system that adds a cleaning mode to the paint mode (paint ON/paint OFF) makes it possible to change colors even quicker than before. You can choose between a fully automatic type, where color change can be changed by remote operation controlled by rear cylinder air, or a semi automatic type that uses a dial on the rear side of the gun for switching to the cleaning mode as well as for adjusting needle triggering distance (1.5 mm/2.0 mm).


Model No. Full-Auto(1.5) T-AGPZ-F15*-Z1-1.0-TC
Full-Auto(2.0) T-AGPZ-F20*-Z1-1.0-TC
Semi-Auto T-AGPZ-S*-Z1-1.0-TC
Atomization HVLP
Air Cap No. Z1
Nozzle Size 1.0mm
Pattern Width 80mm
Air Consumption 140L/min (0.1MPa)
Atomization Air Pressure 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa
Front Cylinder Air Pressure 0.25MPa
Rear Cylinder Air Pressure (Full-Auto only) 0.4MPa
Recommended Delivery 20 ~ 50mL/min
Atomization Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Pattern Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Front Cylinder Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Rear Cylinder Air Inlet (Full-Auto only) × 1(6 × 4mm)
Fluid Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Fluid Outlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Weights (Full-Auto) 550g
Weights (Semi-Auto) 507g
Applications Cell phone / PC / Automobile parts, etc

Download Catalog , Manual and Partslist


T-AGPZ Catalogue

Compact Automatic Spray Gun for Low Volume Delivery

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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T-AGPZ-F158/F159/F208/F209/S8/S9 COMPACT AUTO. GUN Operation Manual

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T-AGPZ Partslist

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