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มีผู้ชม 878 ครั้ง

Automatic LVMP Spray Gun for Fine Atomization & High Transfer Efficiency

Unique tool-less half-twist detachment system that allows the spray gun to be attached/detached by simply turning the handle 180 degrees. The spray gun is now ever easier to use than before.

Low Volume Medium Pressure Gun is designed fine atomization and high transfer efficiency with much less air consumption that those of conventional guns and HVLP guns. Furthermore, the T-AGPV is a uniquely designed detachable gun. Hoses and tubes are connected not directly to the gun, but to the mounting plate where the gun is easily attached/detached by simple turning a handle 180 degrees. This new design greatly simplifies the disconnection process, resulting in significantly reduced line suspension time for replacement and/or maintenance.


  • LVMP Gun for fine atomization & high transfer efficiency with less air consumption, reduce material usage by 20 to 35% than with conventional guns, and also reduce dirt in finishing booth resulting in maintenance / cleaning cost saving.
  • Mounting plate structure that allows the spray gun to be attached / detached by simply turning the handle 180 degrees (tool-less halftwist detachment system).
  • All hose & tube connections located in order at the backside of the plate.
  • Fluid circulation inside of the gun head also possible.
  • A type for abrasive materials such as porcelain enamel also available.
  • High performances proven and appreciated in various industries such as automotive, plastic, wood finishing, pottery etc.
T-AGPV-8(Pattern Remote Control Type)(left) and T-AGPV-7(Pattern Manual Adjustment Type)(right)



  Pattern Remote Control Pattern Manual Adjustment
Max. Fluid Pressure 0.7 MPa 0.7 MPa
Atomization Air Pressure 0.1~0.4 MPa 0.1~0.4 MPa
Operating Pressure 0.35~0.5 MPa 0.35~0.5 MPa
Fluid Tube 6×4 mm 6×4 mm
Atomization Pattern Tube 6×4 mm×2 8×6 mm
Operating Air Tube 6×4 mm 6×4 mm
Weight 345 g 370 g
Combination of Air Cap & Nozzle
Air cap No. Nozzle Model
(Size mm)
Nozzle Air Consumption
(L/ min)
Pattern Range
Stainless steel Nitralloy Carboloy
805 / 807 GD (0.7)     280 805 / 805MT:220
DFX (1.1)    
DFW (1.6)    
D (2.2)  
805MT G (0.7)    
FX (1.1)    

Download Catalog , Manual and Partslist


T-AGPV Automatic LVMP Detachable Spray

LVMP Low Volume Medium Pressure

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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T-AGPZ-F158/F159/F208/F209/S8/S9 COMPACT AUTO. GUN Operation Manual

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T-AGPV-868,869,878,879 LVMP Partslist

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