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HVLP Compact Automatic Spray Gun

The T-AGHV is the HVLP version of the T-AGB compact automatic gun.

Use Method
The T-AGHV gun does not have an air valve mechanism inside the gun, so it can be used as an air bleeder type or please pay attention to on/off timing of air and fluid.


  • Adequate atomization can be achieved even at pressure of 0.7 kg/cm² within air cap, there is little bouncing back. Transfer efficiency is achieved 65% or more and paint loss is reduced dramatically.
  • Because this gun has been developed with the same dimensions as the T-AGB compact automatic gun, the benefits of HVLP can be obtained without changing your current mounting jigs, or without changing your teaching methods in the case of robots.
  • You can use the factory air your currently using, because a gun inner step down type HVLP method is used.
  • The gun body, Fluid tip, and needle are made of stainless steel and the body has been provided with a gold plating. This gun can be used in a large range of painting application. plated, so it can be used in a wide range of painting applications.


Air cap No. Fluid tip engravings Needle
JGHV-101-33A AV-4915-FX、 1.1mm T-JGA-402-FZ
JGHV-101-33A AV-4915-FF、 1.4mm T-JGA-402-FZ
JGHV-101-33A AV-4915-FF、 1.4mm T-JGA-402-E
JGHV-101-46MP AV-4920-FX、 1.1mm T-JGA-402-FZ
JGHV-101-46MP AV-4920-FF、 1.4mm T-JGA-402-FZ
JGHV-101-83MP AV-4920-E、 1.8mm T-JGA-402-E
JGHV-101-83MP AV-4920-D、 2.2mm T-JGA-402-DEX

Note) Even though the Fluid tips combined with 33A, 46MP, and 83MP have the same nozzle diameter, the nozzles are shaped differently and are thus not interchangeable. Please refer to above chart for the combination of air cap and fluid tip size.

Air Cap, Fluid Tip Selection
Air Cap Characteristics and Applications Air pressure and air consumption
Air cap No. Standard pattern size and shape 0.7kgf/cm²/hr 0.42kgf/cm²/hr
33A Approximately 230 mm, tapered pattern
(Similar to pattern #30)
520 410
46MP Approximately 280 mm, straight pattern
(Similar to pattern #704)
630 460
83MP Approximately 330 mm, straight pattern
(Similar to pattern #705)
730 550

Actual patterns are determined by the Fluid tip size, the flow rate, and the atomizing air pressure.


33A : General paints, For low flow rates (up to 300 mL/min)
46MP : For general paints, medium viscosities, and medium flow rates (up to 300 to 500 mL/min)
83MP : For general paints, medium viscosities, and large flow rates (500 mL/min or more)

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T-AGHV HVLP Compact Automatic Spray Gun

The T-AGHV is the HVLP version of the T-AGB compact automatic gun.

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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T-AGHV HVLP Partslist

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