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มีผู้ชม 573 ครั้ง

Auto gun with LVMP atomization and detachment system for compact gun body

Compact LVMP automatic spray gun for coating small IT-related products offering fine atomization and high transfer efficiency.

A unique design of Spray Gun DETACHABLE from the mounting plate by simply loosing a bolt offers much easier maintenance. When coating small objects such as cellular phones or notebook computers, it is important to achieve uniform coat quality with low fluid delivery. The T-AFPV is an LVMP spray gun offering excellent atomization and high transfer efficiency at low fluid delivery. Far smaller and lighter that previous spray guns, the T-AFPV is optimum for mounting on both automatic machines and robots.


  • Far more compact and lightweight, perfect for low fluid delivery coating with both automatic machines and robots.
    Example: Cellular phones, notebook computers, etc.
  • LVMP Gun for fine atomization & high transfer efficiency with less air consumption.
  • Reduce material usage with LVMP by 20 to 35% than with conventional guns.
  • Reduce dirt in finishing booth resulting in maintenance/cleaning cost saving thanks to high efficient transfer & less material usage.
  • Uniquely designed gun DETACHABLE from the mounting plate by simply loosing a bolt.
  • All hose & tube connections located in order at the backside of the plate.
  • Fluid circulation inside of the gun head also possible.
    (in case of circulation type : T-AFPV-669)


Max. Fluid Pressure 0.69MPa
Atomization Air Pressure 0.05 ~ 0.2MPa
Operating Pressure 0.34 ~ 0.49MPa
Fluid Tube 6 × 4mm
Atomization Pattern Tube 6 × 4mm
Operating Air Tube 6 × 4mm
Weight 265g
Combination of Air Cap & Nozzle
Air Cap No. Nozzle Nozzle material Air Air Consumption Pattern Range
Model Size
90 F
Stainless Steel 70L/min 100mm(F)
95 F
Stainless Steel 70L/min 140mm(F)

Download Catalog , Manual and Partslist


T-AFPV Catalogue

LVMP Compact Automatic Spray Gun (Detachable type)

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T-AFPV GUN has been developed for coating small parts and less coating. This gun is smaller and lighter, which can achieve high transfer with high atomization with less air consumption.

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T-AFPV Partslist

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