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มีผู้ชม 399 ครั้ง

Spot touch-up spray gun for auto refinishing with high transfer efficiency and high atomization

  • Suitable for waterborne paints or high-solids paints
  • All knobs are easy to rotate with finger-friendly shapes
  • High Transfer Efficiency
  • 4 Colored snap rings attached to identify guns for different purposes or owners.


①Torx screws used
It is not easy to remove the trigger from a conventional spray gun, but now you can do it more quickly and easily with the attached Torx tool.

②Ultimate control
The pattern and delivery adjustment knobs are made to ensure smooth operations so that you can perform adjustments even when wearing gloves.

③Fit and feel
The ergonomically designed lightweight aluminum forged gun body ensures the outstanding balance and operability even among t he pr o fes s i onal DeVILBISS spray guns.

④Colored ID rings
Colored snap rings attached. Identifying different guns for different purposes is made easier.

⑤Newly designed air cap
By making full use of the advanced computational fluid dynamics technology, the DeVilbiss team has developed new four types of air caps for SRi-Pro LITE, which provide the best atomization from metallic or pearlescent paints to the latest high density clear coat paints.

⑥The new retainer
The retaining ring employed with SRi-Pro LITE can be easily used to adjust the angle of the air cap and has been designed to be completely tightened.

⑦Newly designed fluid tip
The new high flow rate fluid tip design reduces the range of liquid resistance, virtually eliminating the need to change tips to suit different materials, which ensures excellent ease of use.

⑧Automatically adjusted needle packing
The traditional needle packing used with SRi-Pro LITE has been replaced with a self-adjusting system which is self-sealing and ensures the smoothest ever trigger action.

⑨Newly designed trigger
The new SRi-Pro LITE trigger design offers the best usability and comfort when triggered.

⑩Separating air valve
With the unique DeVilbiss spool design, the air valve provides the best ever control with no ”kick” that usually occurs when you trigger a conventional spray gun.

⑪Newly designed cheater valve
Compared to the conventional products, precision machined cheater valve has been embedded to allow more accurate air adjustmen



Specifications SRi Pro Lite (Gravity)
Air inlet 1/4" Universal
P1=Max Static Air Input Pressure P1 = 12 bar (175 psi)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Gun Weight Gun only 395g (455g with cup)
Air Cap Part Number Air Consumption Fluid Nozzle, Air cap combination
        0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.4mm
TE5 High Efficiency SRIPRO-102-TE5-K 100L/min
(3.5 cfm)
HV5 HVLP SRIPRO-102-HV5-K 135L/min
(4.8 cfm)
RS1 Round Spray SRIPRO-102-TRS1-K 55L/min
(1.9 cfm)
MC1 High Efficiency SRIPRO-102-MC1-K 50L/min
(1.8 cfm)

Download Catalogue,Manual and Partslist



A fine finish spray gun to provide ultra sensitive fan pattern control with the comfort of a full-size spray gun.

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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SRi PRO LITE Operation Manual


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