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มีผู้ชม 1032 ครั้ง

The world’s first magnesium center cup spray gun

The world most successful premium gun manufacturer for automotive refinishing “DeVilbiss” launches new center cup gun.


  • Gun Body
    Magnesium gun body with PTFE coating prevents from stains on its surface and for easy cleaning. All new ergonomic gun design ensures incredible handling and balance.
  • Air Valve
    Coaxial, inline less kick air valve provide with smooth trigger action and control for ease of gradation, fade-out and blend-into.
  • Air Cap
    110B air cap is made of plated brass to be durable and its air atomization technology is LVMP (Also called TransTech or Compliant).

  • Stainless steel fluid passage, needle and air inlet
    The fluid passage, needle and air inlet are made of stainless steel, compatible with all types of paints including waterborne.
  • Plated brass knob and valve
    Pattern valve, fluid adjusting knob, cheater valve are made of plated brass to be durable. Smoother operation particularly when wearing gloves.
  • Snap Ring
    There are four color coded snap rings, designed to provide easy identification and ensuring you have the right gun for the job.

Plastic cup


Air cap
Atomization Fluid tip size Type Pattern range Air consumption Delivery
110B LVMP 1.2Φmm CG
Max. 300mm 288L/min 146mL/min
1.3Φmm 161mL/min
1.4Φmm 173mL/min
Air inlet pressure Weight Air inlet Fluid inlet Applications
0.15Mpa 379g G 1/4 Special Automotive Refinishing, Basecoat, clearcoat

NEPTUNE Catalogue

The world’s first magnesium center cup spray gun

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NEPTUNE Operation Manual

Read and follow all instructions and SAFETY PRECAUTIONS before using this equipment.

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