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มีผู้ชม 669 ครั้ง

Automotive Refinishing Spray Gun for waterborne

Inherits the eco-friendliness, and light weight of the Space gun series with ergonomically designed gun body for waterborne application auto refinishing

  • High transfer efficiency by HVLP perfects for high viscosity Waterborne
  • High corrosion resistant and high durability using stainless steel for the fluid passage and trigger
  • Utilizing an ultra lightweight magnesium body with (PTFE coating) result in excellent cleanability
  • Side cup type suited for automotive refinishing use
  • TUFRAM-treated aluminum air cap and retaining ring
  • Low pressure type (HVLP=High Volume Low Pressure). High volume air dehydrates water in the paint, maximize transfer efficiency, and minimize nonuniformity spraying.
  • Recyclable magnesium gun body.
  • The surface of gun body is coated with an eco-friendly, non-plated PTFE coating.
  • The air cap of LUNA Mk-II-W is TUFRAM treated for less contamination around the air cap.
  • Stainless steel trigger for waterborne use.
  • Imports side entry gravity cup to ensure precise spraying and clear view of the coating object.
  • Fluid passage is made of stainless steel.
  • User friendly grip-design enhances comfortableness, and perfect fitting.


Air Cap No. Atomization Fluid Tip size
Type Pattern range Air consumption
WH HVLP 1.3 G(Gravity) 230mm 220L/min
Air inlet pressure Delivery Weight Air/Fluid inlet Applications
0.20Mpa 140mL/min 267g G 1/4 waterborne

*Cup sold separately

LUNA MARK-II-W Catalogue

Exclusively for Waterborne Space Gun Series

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