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มีผู้ชม 759 ครั้ง

An ulimate finish starts with an ulimate undercoat

The LUNA was designed to be light weight and eco-friendly, and the LUNA Mark-II, designed to provide an even better hand-grip feel was chosen by body-shop specialist magazines as the No. 1 well accepted new product.

The new LUNA Mark-2 PLUS grasps the evolution of coating materials

  • Primer surfacers
  • Metallics / Pearls
  • Solids / Clears

We have a full line up of exclusive guns that fit the needs of each of the above types of coating materials and have greatly improved the workability of automotive refinishing.

246PLUS (for Primer surfacers)


Newly developed air cap that incorporates technology applied on the UK PRi-Pro exclusive Primer surfacer gun.

  • Pattern shape suitable for Primer surfacer coating.
  • Paints thickly with reduced numbers of applications.
  • Polishing work load is reduced by superior atomization. (Work time is reduced, and saving of paint as well as expendable supplies such as sandpaper is achieved.)

244PLUS (for Metallics/Pearls)

  • Reduces air turbulence and resulting in less cap contamination.
  • Improves uniformity of the atomization of the whole spray pattern, widens the effective pattern area. Higher coating efficiency is achieved.

245PLUS (for Solids/Clears)

  • Widened spray pattern (increased from 260 mm to 270 mm).
  • Provides center heavy pattern for Clear coating.
  • In order to achieve finest atomization and high transfer efficiency, trusted quality air cap is equipped along with an improved fluid tip and baffle. It also supports LVMP atomization.
  • Debut of 246+ air cap exclusively designed for Primer surfacer coating. We have re-designed our guns with the aim of providing an even higher coating efficiency with Metallics/Pearls and Solids/Clears.
  • A new designed fluid tip provides improved fluid passage for less contamination on the air cap.
  • Newly designed air valve seal provide additional reinforcement against air leakage.
  • Ultra durable, light weighted magnesium body with PTFE coating repels paint on the gun-body.
  • The gun-body is coated with "Jet Black" color, delivering cool and a quality finish.
  • User-friendly grip design enhances comfortability with an ideal weight balance for precise control and usability, which reduces work-fatigue.
Atomization Air Cap No. Tip size
Type Pattern Range Air Consumption
LVMP 244+ 1.0/1.3/1.5/1.8 G 240mm 200L/min
1.3/1.5/1.8 S
245+ 1.0/1.3/1.5/1.8 G 270mm 220L/min
1.3/1.5/1.8 S
246+ 1.5/1.8 G 200mm 200L/min

Air Inlet Pressure Delivery Weight Air/Fluid Inlet
0.1-0.2MPa 85-210mL/min 253g G 1/4


For auto refinishing, Metallics/Pearls

For auto refinishing, Solids/Clears

For auto refinishing, Primer surfacers

*Cup sold separately


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Operation Manual LVMP (for Auto-Refinishing)

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