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มีผู้ชม 672 ครั้ง

A fusion of Pro series and Space gun series for precise refinishing

Over the past century, the DeVilbiss brand has fostered the development of reliable spray gun technology, efficiency and beautiful design. Slip the Jupiter spray gun into your hand and experience its perfect fit, balance and weight.
Introducing the ultimate spray gun that comes with everything you need.


①Improved maintainability
The trigger employs a new locking structure that locks it to the fixed trigger stud using a hexagon bolt.
Maintenance has been improved substantially in comparison with the C ring (E ring) locking system used previously.

②Newly designed air cap
The Jupiter gun features a newly designed high performance air cap, perfect for automotive refinishing.
Two types of air caps are provided, one for metallic and pearl paint (J1), and another for solid and clear paint (J2). Both have won high praise, even in test-matches with the paint manufacturer's principal paint. In addition, air cap contamination has been held to a minimum.

③Retaining ring with superior air sealing performance
The improved retaining ring has superior air sealing performance and allows easy angular adjustment of the air cap.

④Selectable fluid tips
The Jupiter gun comes with a selection of fluid tips provided at 0.1mm intervals, allowing you to find the fluid tip most suited to the paint's characteristics.

⑤Automatically adjusted needle packing
The needle packing, which is very important for prevention of fluid leakage, has been fully automatized, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Problems caused by manual adjustment, such as leakage due to looseness and trigger trouble from over-tightening have been removed, resulting in a smoother trigger operation.

⑥Convenient gun recognition rings
The convenient 4 color-coded snap-rings allow easy identification of the gun. Use the rings for separation by paint or usage.

⑦Standard position adjustment
Adoption of a new design allows adjustment of the standard position on the adjustment knobs of the pattern valve, cheater valve and needle valve. The new design makes more precise adjustment easy.

⑧More delicate control
Newly designed valve stems are used on the cheater valve and pattern valve, making more delicate, finer adjustment possible.

⑨Separate air valve
An air valve separation type trigger which has a simple structure and superior reliability and maintainability has been adopted on the Jupiter gun. Furthermore, for the opening and closing mechanism of the air valve, by using the air pressure opened type, which has a good reputation established by our UK Pro series, a smooth trigger operation without any 'kick' has been realized.

⑩Incredible lightness and optimum weight balance
Due to the magnesium body and the DeVilbiss traditional design form, we have been able to realize incredible lightness and optimum weight balance, resulting in substantially reduced work fatigue.

Air Cap Number

J1: For metallic & pearl paint, J2: For solid & clear paint

Free angle cup (sold separately) and 4 color-coded snap-rings

KGL-400-FA-J Gravity cup for Jupiter gun (Free angle, champagne-gold)
4 color-coded snap-rings (Rad, Blue, Yellow, Black)

Suction type


Air Cap No. Tip size Type Pattern Range Air consumption Delivery
J1 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/
G 250mm* 180L/min 120mL/min
1.3/1.4/1.5/1.8 S
J2 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/
G 280mm* 175L/min 140mL/min
1.3/1.4/1.5/1.8 S

* Condition ● Tip Size : φ1.3 mm ● Air Inlet pressure : 0.15 MPa


Atomization Air Inlet Pressure Weight Air/Fluid Inlet
LVMP 0.1~0.2MPa 340g G 1/4

J1:Metallic / Pearl

J2:Clear Coat / Solid

*Cup sold separately

Download Catalogue , Manual and Partlist


Jupiter Painting is a science

Welcome to the world of professional painting technology

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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Jupiter-R Spray Gun Operation Manual

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JUPITER-R Partlist

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