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มีผู้ชม 370 ครั้ง

The same advantages of a center cup achieved with a side cup

  • One liquid low solvent base / Hybrid clear / Flat pattern perfect for water-based paint
  • Paint inlet (G3/8) supports high viscosity paints


①Utilizes Torx screws
Torx screws are used because they are difficult to damage and there is no risk of damaging the screw thread. The trigger can be quickly and easily put on and taken off using the included Torx wrench.

②Newly designed air cap
Advance HD air cap utilized on the PRO-UK Series. Supports everything such as base and clear coats.

③Newly designed fluid tip
Newly designed fluid tip for air caps 510+ / 505. 
Supports high viscosity paints (hybrid / water-based / one liquid).

④Automatically adjusted needle packing
The needle packing, which is very important for prevention of fluid leakage, has been fully automatized, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
Problems caused by manual adjustment, such as leakage due to looseness and trigger trouble from over-tightening have been removed, resulting in a smoother trigger operation.

⑤Utilizes the trigger shape from the GTi-Pro Series
Significantly increased the operability of the trigger free play.

⑥Convenient gun recognition rings
The convenient 4 color-coded snap-rings allow easy identification of the gun. (red, blue, yellow and black) Use the rings for separation by paint or usage.

⑦Paint cup can support high viscosity paints
Utilizes the G 3/8 fluid nipple to smoothly supply high viscosity paint.

⑧Extremely precise control
Utilizes the control knob from the PRO-UK Series. The smooth construction is easy to handle and can be controlled even while wearing gloves.

⑨Separating air valve
The separating air valve is made of a simple construction for excellent reliability and ease of maintenance.
Additionally, the trigger has been made smoother without the "kick effect" by utilizing the highly rated air pressure release type from the PRO-UK Series for the air valve open and close mechanism.

⑩Overwhelmingly light and perfect balance of weight
The magnesium body has been treated with fluorine (PTFE) which makes it resistant to paint adhering to it, and the traditional DeVilbis design shape achieves an overwhelmingly light and perfectly balanced weight. It is easy to handle and significantly reduces work strain.

Air cap and paint nozzle

Includes two types of air caps (510+ : LVMP / 505 : H VLP) and three types of nozzle diameters (1.2Φ, 1.3Φ, 1.4Φ).
This combination can be used for a variety of paints and painting conditions.


The standard setup is the dedicated cup for Jupiter Pro with nearby air valve.

Gravity cup for Jupiter gun (champagne-gold)(400mL, G3/8)
Air Inlet Control Valve (HAV-501-B)


Atomization Air Cap No. Tip size Pattern Range Air consumption Air Inlet pressure Delivery
LVMP 510+ 1.2/1.3/1.4Φ mm 250 210L/min 0.15-0.2MPa 142mL/min
HVLP 505 230 305L/min 0.2-0.25MPa 138mL/min


Type Weight Air Inlet Fluid Inlet Compressor
G 400g G 1/4 G 3/8 2.2

Download Catalogue , Manual and Partlist


Jupiter-Pro Catalogue

Gravity cup for Jupiter Pro and Air valve with Gauge are provided with Jupiter Pro gun body.

Download ►

Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

Download ►


Download ►

Jupiter-Pro Spray Gun Operation Manual

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