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มีผู้ชม 686 ครั้ง

Gun body composed of Magnesium for lightest weight in middle sized spray guns. User-friendly and easier maintenance for general industries (including automotive industry)

  • Employing Magnesium for Gun Body to achieve the lightest mid-size spray gun.
  • Further improvement on ease of use and maintenance.


  • Employing Magnesium for Gun Body to achieve the lightest mid-size spray gun.
  • Super light magnesium body with PTFE coating.
  • Body design based on ergnomic engineering. (used on the PRO-UK series)
  • LVMP system developed by the DeVilbiss.
  • The fluid tip have won high praise, even in test-matches with various paint manufacturer's principal paint.
  • Improved ease of use and maintainability.
    • Self-adjusting needle packing. (used on the PRO-UK series)
    • Smooth operating air valve structure.
    • Adoption of new air valve structure design reduces trigger pull 'kick phenomenon'. (used on the PRO-UK series)
    • Easy trigger removal and re-installation.
    • New air cap design reduces contamination buildup.
    • Easy gun identification with 4 color-coded optional snap-rings. (optional accessories) (used on the PRO-UK series)
  • DeVilbiss'unique fluid tip with soft seat for preventing from fluid leakage at the tip.


Atomization Air Cap No. Fluid tip size Pattern range Air consumption Air inlet pressure
LVMP P1 FX(1.1)Φmm
250mm 200L/min 0.20MPa
P2 300mm
Conventinal P3 400mm 550L/min 0.24MPa


Type Delivery Weight Air inlet Fluid inlet
P ~500mL/min 348g G 1/4 G 3/8

Automotives, General Industries

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