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มีผู้ชม 810 ครั้ง

Super Light Weight, Compact & Easy Operation High Performance Spray Gun featuring Finest Atomization

  • Super Light Weight
    JJ gun is built at super light weight of 330g featuring finest atomization. It provides a quality finish with both metallic & pearl paints.
  • Stainless Steel Fluid Passage
    The fluid passage is made of stainless steel, compatible with all types of paints including waterborne.
  • Air Cap for the Finest Atomization
    Perfect alignment between the air cap and the fluid tip is maintained through DeVilbiss'patented Ball & Cone principle and therefore it provides excellent atomization as well as consistent and uniform spray patterns.
  • Low Trigger Pull
    Due to unique design of the air valve, the trigger pull force is constant, even with high input pressures. It provides the trigger pull with only 1.5kg and this allows users to spray for a longer time without having stress.
  • Plated Gun Body
    For a harder, durable finish and ease of cleaning, plated gun body is employed.


Air Cap No. Type Tip Size
0.8 1.0 1.3 1.5 1.8
203 G - - - -
243 G -
S - -
Air Cap No. Air Consumption (NL/min) Air Inlet Pressure
Pattern Range
Air / Fluid Inlet Weight
203 80 0.1 100 G 1/4 330g
243 220 0.2 250 G 1/4 330g

203 : Low-volume, spot touch-up
243 : Mid-high volume, fine 330g atomization, autorefinishing wood & metal finishing

*Cup sold separately

JJ Air Spray Gun Catalogue

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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JJ GUN Operation Manual

Read and follow all instructions and SAFETY PRECAUTIONS before using this equipment

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JJ Gun Partslist

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