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มีผู้ชม 526 ครั้ง

Spray gun ideal for automotive refinishing services, with significantly reduced weight, designed for professionals, provides better performance than GTi Pro.

  • Precision machined parts are made from robust and lightweight alloy. This rugged spray gun is 25% lighter than GTi Pro.
  • The ”fit & feel” operability of our legacy GTi Pro is further refined, making surprising operations and a well-balanced gun possible.
  • Designed with a built-in air valve. Trigger pull is no longer hard to ensure smooth trigger operations. Meanwhile, superior cleanability and easy maintenance have been achieved to the fullest.
  • Three types of air caps newly developed with best atomization technologies. Perfect coating performance under various weather conditions.


Professional High Performance Product. Furthermore, Lightweight
Professional skills are required for high speed and high productivity. Only the professional spray gun can help make it possible, and the GTi Pro LITE, one of DeVILBISS’s top rated products is the answer.

Light and Fit Comfortably in Your Hand!
Based on the well-received GTi Pro, 25% further weight loss is achieved.
In addition to the high performance and comfortable handgrip of GTi Pro, which is regularly used by professionals, further improvements have been made including the lightweight. With the surprising operability and perfect finish, it has reached a higher dimension.
Equipped with a built-in air valve. Weight of the spray gun is significantly reduced, while the cleaning/maintenance time is cut down and seamless trigger operations have been achieved due to the perfect mixture of paint and air along with the perfect supply control.


Latest atomization technologies

Air caps

There are four types of air caps (three types for LVMP, one for HVLP) and three types of nozzles available for GTi Pro LITE. (Optional) Perfect coating performance can be achieved with a wide paint viscosity range or different types of automotive paints.


Fluid tips

Automotive paints (especially water-based paints) will be greatly affected by paint booth temperature. For most of the booths, heat is being kept only for the inlet air, the outlet air temperature tends to be too high or too low. To achieve the optimum coating performance and correct colors, it is very import ant to select the proper air cap and nozzle because they are critical factors.

Improving maintenance is one of our services.

Regular cleaning and careful maintenance are essential to keep the spray gun performance. GTi Pro LITE is designed to ensure that the maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.
Two types of high quality chrome-plating specialized kit attached to ensure ease and safety when disassembling / reassembling the gun. The Torx wrench used to remove or attach the trigger is available for self adjusting needle packing and the spanner can be used for all the fasteners including the fluid nozzles.
Parts can be removed or attached quickly due to the new spring position and screws which can be turned easily. The fluid path is redesigned to help make paint move smoothly instead of interrupting the flow. Besides, the top part of the gun is removable so that the gun can be thoroughly cleaned to prevent coating defects resulted from remaining paint

The trigger can be removed or attached easily just with one specialized Torx wrench.

Remove the baffle and the seal to expose the top of the gun before cleaning.

Fluid nozzle and fasteners can be removed or attached without being damaged with the high quality spanner.


Atomization Air Cap No. Pattern Range (mm) Air consumption
Inlet pressure
LVMP TE10 290 ~ 310 270 0.2 160 ~190 For base
For clear
TE20 285 ~ 300 360 0.2 170 ~200 For base
300 ~ 325 460 0.175 160 ~190 For clear
HVLP HV30 260 ~ 290 265 0.2 150 ~190 For waterborne
LVMP T110 For base/clear


Tip Size (Φ mm) Type Weight with cup (g) Air inlet Fluid inlet
1.3&1.4 G 629 G 1/4 Special

*GTi-Pro LITE includes: Spanner, 4 colored identification rings, cleaning brush, gravity feed cup

Download Catalogue , Manual and Partlist


GTi-Pro Lite Catalogue

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Spray Gun CATALOGUE for Asia

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GTI PRO LITE HVLP & LVMP Operation Manual

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