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มีผู้ชม 118 ครั้ง
Multi-Purpose / Chemical Resistance Tube | Possible to vacuum, Solvent Resistance, High Transparency, Great Flexibility




  • For Transferring Organic Solvents of the Painting Equipment and Paints
  • For Transferring Chemicals used in Laboratory Equipment
  • For Transferring Chemicals used in Semiconductor-Related Devices and Flat-Panel Display (FPD) Manufacturing Devices
  • For Transferring Beverage and Food
  • For Transferring Fatty Acid Ester such as Biofuel (BDF)
  • For Transferring Chemical and Industrial Wastes
  • For Transferring Alcohol, Cosmetics, and Chemicals
  • For Transferring Chemicals used in Medical Equipment, Endoscope, and so on
  • For Transferring Chemicals used in Manufacturing Fuel Cell and Pure Water
  • For Filling Line of Paints and Adhesives
  • For Filling Line of Fragrance, Colorant, and Additive
  • For Air Supplying Pipes at Clean Room
  • For Transferring Screw, Metal Powder, and Solids


Solvent Resistance Food-Sanitation
Non-PVC Vacuum
Non-Adhesiveness Transparency
Chemical Resistance Oil-Proof
Low Elution Hard to Break
Low Odor Cold Resistance
Alcohol Resistance  


  • Chemical Resistance…Since the inner layer is made of ETFE fluorine resin, E-SJSP is resistant to most of the chemical substances. For more information
  • Bending…Rust-proof SUS Steel Wire makes it difficult ti be crushed or kinked, leading to high stability in its shape.
  • Vacuum…E-SJSP stands proof against negative pressure (can be used in vacuum conditions).
  • Non-Adhesiveness…Since fluorine resin is superior in water-proof and non-adhesiveness, you can wash out the fluids very easily.
  • Abrasion Resistance…Fluorine resin (inner layer) shows high levels of abrasion resistance. Thus, you can even transfer chemical slurry.
  • Plasticizer-Free…E-SJSP does not contain plasticizer (an elution material) at all. E-SJSP is an oil-free tubing.
  • Non-PVC…E-SJSP is made of a non-PVC material.
  • High Purity…Fluorine resin does not contain any additives such as plasticizer, so E-SJSP is suitable for transferring high purity chemical fluids.
  • Easy to Cut…Since we print the cut mark on the hose every meter, it is easy to cut the length you would like to.
  • Transparency…E-SJSP enables you to check the fluid very easily.
  • RoHS2…E-SJSP is free from RoHS2 restrictive substances. Certificate is available.
  • Original Fittings…By using our original fittings, you can avoid accidents which are caused by incorrect choices of hose and fittings.
  • Food Sanitation…E-SJSP conforms to the Food Sanitation Law No.370 (No.370 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for Food Sanitation). (Conformity to N-Heptane).
  • Hose Cap…By sealing the hose end by hose cap, the inclusion of foreign matters is prevented. E-SJSP is tightened with hose cap only in the standard length.


Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin SUS Spring Wire Hose [Model Number: E-SJSP]

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Product Specification

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