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มีผู้ชม 123 ครั้ง
Due to the buff polishing, the wetted part of the fittings shows higher levels of sanitation. This is suitable for production lines requiring high purity and sanitation.




  • Semiconductor-related Devices and FPD Manufacturing Devices
  • Manufacturing Facilities for Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing Facilities for Chemicals and Organic Solvents


Solvent Resistance Food-Sanitation
Non-Adhesiveness Sanitary Fittings
Chemical Resistance Washability
Low Elution Band-less Joints
Low Odor  

Features on Electrolytic Polishing

image_Features on Electrolytic Polishing


  • HAKKO Original Sanitary Fittings: Original sanitary ferrule fittings are designed to meet the requirements of HAKKO laminated structure hoses. You do not have to worry about fluid leakage or hoses do not come off from the fittings.
  • Ferrule Fittings are easier to install, leading to increase the work efficiency and be able to standardize the job.
  • Safety: HAKKO clearly specifies the ranges of working temperature and working pressure for each hose unit.
  • Sanitation: By making the edge of the nipple taper, the gap between the inside of the hose and the edge of the nipple is very small. Thus, fluid accumulation of the edge of the nipple is reduced to the minimum level.
  • Transparency: Flexible Fluorine Resin Hose Series (E-PDB, E-SJB, and E-SJSP) show higher levels of transparency, so you can easily check the levels of cleaning.
  • Chemical Resistance: The wetted part is made of SUS316L (#400 Class Buffing) and the hose is made of either PVDF or ETFE Fluorine. Thus, you can use for a wide variety of applications and fluids. In case you transfer organic solvents such as Amine or Ketones, we recommend you to choose Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin Hose Series (E-SJB, E-SJSP, and E-SJSD).
  • Food Sanitation: Flexible Fluorine Resin Hose Series meet the standards of the Food Sanitation Law (No. 370 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1959).

How to choose hoses and ferrule fittings

image_How to choose hoses and ferrule fittings

How to place an order of Ferrule Fittings (Swage Type)

A. Decide Fitting Model: Either F15A, F1S, F1.25S, or F1.5S

B. Decide Hose Model Number: Choose the best hose (hose sizes) for your applications and fitting model you selected.

C. Decide the Total Length: Please refer to the table, “Length of Products,” and determine the total length.

D. Documents and Extra Services: If you have any special requests, please contact us from below.


Before you use “Flexible Fluorine Resin Hose Series with Ferrule Fittings (Swage Type)


Product Standard


Ferrule Fittings (Swage Type) with Electrolytic Polishing

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