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มีผู้ชม 91 ครั้ง
HAKKO Original Barb Type Fittings | E-FTB is a barb fitting, made of Brass (Cadmium less than 75ppm), which is suitable for pressure-proof hose.


  • Fittings for Machine Tools, Molding Machines, Plant Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment of Chemicals, Waste Oil, Waste Fluids, and Organic Solvents


  • Original Fittings…EIGHTNIPPLE B Fittings are exclusively designed for HAKKO Hose.
  • Original Shape…Nipple parts are longer than the conventional ones, so they can be tightened securely with two hose clamps. By tightening reinforced yarns securely, the lifespan of the hose becomes longer. Please see this video clip for comparing the pressure-resistance between EIGHTNIPPLE and conventional fittings.
  • RoHS2…E-FTB is free from RoHS2 restrictive substances. (The amount of cadmium is below the RoHS2 threshold.)

 Product Standard



EIGHTNIPPLE B Fittings [Model Number: E-FTB]

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