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มีผู้ชม 84 ครั้ง




  • Machine Tools, Molding Machine, Factory Equipment
  • Semiconductor-related Devices, Flat Panel Display (FPD) Manufacturing Devices
  • Food, Cosmetics, Medical Manufacturing Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment for Power Plant, Chemicals, Waste Oil, Waste Liquid, and Organic Solvents


Sanitary Fittings


  • Possible to Reuse the Fittings…Since E-ELF is a nut type ferrule fitting, it is easy to install at site. When you replace a hose, you can reuse a fitting.
  • Sanitary Fittings…Because of the nipple shape, E-ELF fittings are less likely to accumulate the fluids. Thus, you can transfer the fluid in a clean manner. Also, the material of the fitting is SCS16 (equivalent to SUS316L = Wetted Surface) has higher levels of corrosion resistance.
  • Non-Rubber Packing…Since the inner layer is flat and does not use the rubber packing, there is no elution from the packing. The material of the wetted part is SCS16 (equivalent to SUS316L), which shows resistance against food, chemicals, and solvents.

 Product Standard

Model Number Fitting Size Hose Dimension(mm) Sleeve Code
mm L Width Across Flats HEX
E-ELF-19-15A 15A 19×26 60 30 41 E-EL-19-SL
E-ELS-19-1S 1S 60 30 41
E-ELF-25-1S 1S 25×33 67 36 46 E-EL-25-SL
E-ELF-32-1.5S 1.5S 32×41 80 46 55 E-EL-32-SL

Material: SCS16 (Body), SCS13 (Ring, Nut) and POM (Sleeve)

* Please note that sleeve is NOT replaceable. Please use a new sleeve when you assemble a hose again.
You can purchase only sleeve as a spare part. Please mention “Sleeve Code” specified in the Product Standard.

* If you prefer a size or color that is not in the standard, please fill out the following form.


EIGHTLOCK Ferrule Fittings [Model Number: E-ELF]

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