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The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is the latest addition to the DV1 family of revolutionary spray guns designed for specific applications.
Introduced in 2018, the DV1 Basecoat Spray Gun transformed the industry through its unique design and optimization of basecoat application. The DV1 Clearcoat leverages this DV1 platform and introduces modifications engineered specifically to optimize spraying the range of leading clearcoats on the market today.
The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is designed specifically to provide consistency and optimization in spraying the range of industry-leading clearcoats. From high-solid clears, low-to-medium-solid clears or low VOC (solvent exempt) clears, the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun pushes atomization to the next level. Through faster performance, proven material savings and superior atomization, the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun gives sprayers the confidence to know that they can achieve a high-quality, perfect finish every time.
The solution to spraying clearcoats has never been so clear.


Devilbiss - DV1 Clearcoat spraygun
①Quick release air cap
for quick and easy changes and easy access to the fluid tip
②The DV1-C1 plus clearcoat air cap technology
DeVilbiss is blazing a new trail in air cap technology with the DV1 family of spray guns. With the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun, DeVilbiss now introduces the next generation of atomization performance with the DV1-C1 PLUS Clearcoat Air Cap.
This groundbreaking air cap delivers superior high-efficiency performance spraying industry-leading clearcoats; including:
  • High-solid clears
  • Low-to-medium-solid clea
  • Low VOC (solvent exempt) clears
The DV1-C1 PLUS Clearcoat Air Cap provides the right finish with the perfect film build to produce a fine, mirror finish every time.
③Innovative fluid tip design
The DV1 Clearcoat features an all-new fluid tip designed specifically for clearcoat applications. This new tip design increases fluid flow through the gun, while optimizing air velocity at the tip, minimizing material usage and maximizing distribution throughout the entire spraying process.
With this specific fluid tip design, sprayers will experience the benefits of:
  • Faster performance
  • Significant material savings
  • Superior atomization
④Silent-action trigger
designed to remove sideways and rotary play to deliver a soft, smooth pull
Devilbiss - DV1 Clearcoat spraygun
⑤Simplified Air Valve
The newly designed air valve cartridge features a True-Balance design to maximize fluid needle alignment, minimize component wear and maximize durability. Plus, this new design allows for easier removal and serviceability.
⑥Adjust screw
The easy-to-grip large knob makes adjustment of the delivery smoother and easier, minimizing wear on the adjustment screws while improving durability of the parts.
⑦A Sleek look
The DV1 Clearcoat features a new matte black finish. It marries comfort with style, providing a sleek look and a better grip for comfortable handling.
⑧Reconfigured Air Adjusting Valve
The DV1 combines the air inlet and the air-adjusting valve into a single “co-axial” component and places it in an ergonomic location that is more comfortable to use. The air-adjusting valve also features 12x sensitivity for precise air control adjustments and smoother air flow through the spray gun.
Devilbiss - DV1 Clearcoat spraygun


*Cup sold separately
Model DV1-U-000-13-C1+
Devilbiss DV-1 DV1-U-000-13-C2+

Model DV1-U-000-13-C2+
Devilbiss DV-1 C1+,C2+ Air cap

Air Cap Delivery
Atomization Pattern range (mm) Air consumption (L/min) Applications
DV1-C1 PLUS 140-190 HVLP(Low Pressure) 325 285 Clearcoat
DV1-C2 PLUS 300 300
Tip size 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4   Air Inlet 0.15MPa   Weight 470g

DV1 CLEARCOAT Gravity Spray Gun


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