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Devilbiss Pro Air


Air environment to the best condition !


Devilbiss Pro Air


Painting, Air tools, 3D measuring instruments, Precision measuring Usage : Painting, Air tools, Air blow instruments, LCD manufacturing, Laser processing machines, Electronic equipment manufacturing, Semiconductor manufacturing, Paper manufacturing, and other equipment and facilities that require clean air


Pro Air-2 removes oil vapors and water vapors by Centrifuge and Highperformance filter. Pro Air-3 can remove odor as well.

Devilbiss Pro Air

Devilbiss Pro Air

Devilbiss Pro Air

Filter kit


Devilbiss PROAIR-62


Devilbiss PROAIR-63

Isolation valve

Switch on and off.

Isolation valve

Rolling diaphragm
  • Rapid response
  • Sensitive air pressure control
  • With malfunction prevention lock
  • Maximum pressure drop 10%
  • Air flow rate that can be used simultaneously with two HVLP sprayguns

Rolling diaphragm

Drain valve

Drain valve

Pro Air example

Devilbiss Pro Air example


Model/Part No. PROAIR2-3K PROAIR3-3K
Air Inlet Thread 1/2" BSP female
Regulated Outlets 2 valved
Air Outlets (Ball Valves) Air Outlets (Ball Valves)
Width (Overall) 330mm 395mm
Height (Overall) 280mm
Weight 3375g 4205g
Capacity (Maximum Air Flow) Ellement Filter 3500L/min
Coalescer Ellement Filter 900L/min
Ellement Filter 3500L/min
Coalescer Ellement Filter 900L/min
Carbon Filter 900L/min
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure 1.3MPa
Maximu Operating Temperature 80°C
Maximum Regulated Outlet Pressure 0~0.8MPa
Pressure Gauge 0~0.11bar (Mpa)
Degree of Filtration

Ellement Filter 5µm
Coalescer Ellement Filter 0.01µm

*Output air quality ISO8573-1 「1.7.2」

Ellement Filter 5µm  
Coalescer Ellement Filter 0.01µm 
Carbon Filter 0.003µm
*Output air quality ISO8573-1 「1.7.1」
Drain Valve emi-automatic
Maximum Pressure Drop 10% of Inlet Pressure
Filter Available Time 1000hours
Filter Replacement Time (Approximate) Every six months
Options Strap wrench,
Adapter for 3/8 conversion (for entrance)


Clean the compressed air

Product Catalogue

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PRO AIR 1, 2 & 3 Filter Regulator Units

Product Manual

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