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The Binks Century FRP Equipment Platform

The addition of the new Century Pump to the Binks LEL, or “Low Emission Laminator” technology provides a complete selection of FRP spray guns, spray tips, air nozzles and mixing valves for the non-atomizing application of resins and gel coats used in open molding processes.
*Low Emission Laminator の略


MACT Compliance (Maximum Achievable Control Technology)

Of critical importance to composites manufacturers is the use of EPA Compliant “Maximum Achievable Control Technologies” in their operations. One such technology used in Binks Century LEL Spray Guns is non-atomizing resin application, or “NARA”(Non-atomizing Resin Application).

Through extensive testing using guidelines from the ACMA’s Styrene Emissions Test Protocol, Binks Century LEL guns have been tested and all been proven to emit monomer at or below the levels predicted equations per EPA guidelines.

Binks Century LEL Spray Gun product line meets or exceeds the EPA’s definition of Non-Atomizing Mechanical Application per the Composites NESHAP.
The complete emissions test report is available from Finishing Equipment Americas upon request.


FRP Spray Gun Selection Guide

Our total commitment to the composites and protective coating industries provides our customers with many production and environmental advantages.
Our full line of MACT Compliant LEL systems, spray guns, and components consistently delivers the kind of high quality, bottom-line results needed by manufacturing today.

Users can expect:

  • Benefits from lower overspray
  • Increased transfer efficiency results in material savings
  • A cleaner workspace and lower worker exposure to fumes and mist
  • Less frequent booth filter changes
  • Benefits from lower fluid pressure
  • Less pump wear - seals, other sliding parts
  • Lower air motor pressure results in lower compressed air consumption

New Design Optimized for your Application

The Binks Century resin and catalyst pump features several new innovations, designed to provide dependable, long lasting performance under the most demanding production environments, including:


FRP Spray Gun Selection Guide

MACT-compliant low emission laminators

  • Uniform, consistent, reliable mix
  • Internal or External mix of catalyst and resin available
  • One-touch flush for easy cleaning
  • Cartridge resin needle and seat assembly
  • Resin cartridge needle assembly changes out in less than five minutes

This chart will help you quickly assess which Binks spray gun is suitable for your specific application. First, decide what type of spray gun you need. Then, under the heading that meets these criteria, find the usage description that best matches your application.

Part No.102-3610

Binks Century LEL External Mix Gel Coat Gun is renowned for its easy operation and low maintenance.

Part No.102-3655

Binks Century LEL External Mix Chopper gun

Part No.102-3610

Binks Internal Mix Century LEL Wet Out Gun

FRP Specifications

  CX2006HC CX2017HC
Pressure Ratio 6.5:1 17:1
Flow Rate at 60 cycles per minute 2.0 GPM (7.6 L/min)
Supports 1 Century Spray Gun–“62” LEL tip or .036" AA tip
Displacement per cycle 4.26 oz (126 cm³)
Inlet Fluid Connection 1" NPT (f) or 1¼" NPT (m)
Outlet Fluid Connection 1/2" NPT (f)
Air Connection 3/8" NPT (f)
Wetted Materials Resin Pump Anodized Aluminum, Plated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hard Chrome, Nylon, PTFE, UHMWPE, Tungsten Carbide
Wetted Materials Catalyst Pump Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, PTFE, UHMWPE
Max Fluid Pressure with included air motor 750 psi (52 bar) 1970 psi (136 bar)
Max Air Inlet Pressure 116 psi (8 bar)
Max Recommended Cycle Rate Up to 40 Cycles/minute—not continuous
Noise Level 96 dB(A) 97 dB(A)

FRP Spray Gun Selection Guide