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มีผู้ชม 720 ครั้ง

Simply designed with high endurance and LVMP technology

LVMP High Transfer Efficiency Gun Series

  • High Transfer Efficiency
  • Low Air Consumption
  • Fine Atomization

Why does LVMP have better transfer efficiency?

The difference of the transfer efficiency between standard spray gun and HVLP gun is the air velocity. The both air velocities are in the same soud-speed area when an instant of coming out from the air cap. However, when it becomes the distance of approximately 200mm, it generates large defference.

Therefore, if the velocity is low at 200mm distance, the transfer efficiency becomes better even atomized with higher air pressure than HVLP.

Gun Types Gun Inlet Pressure Air Cap Pressure Air Consumption Air Velocity Transfer Efficiency
AGXV-541-5805-DFX (LVMP Gun) 0.25MPa 0.20MPa 280L/min 16m/sec. 74%
AGXV-541-46-FX (HVLP Gun) 0.45MPa 0.09MPa 750L/min 19m/秒 55%
AGX-550-777-FX (Standard Gun) 0.40MPa 0.35MPa 500L/min 22m/秒 44%

Spray Distance=200mm


Atomization Air Pressure (Gun Inlet) 0.4MPa(4.0kgf/cm²)
Fluid Pressure 0.7MPa(7.0kgf/cm²)
Working Pressure 0.35~0.7MPa(3.5~7.0kgf/cm²)
Weight 740g
Fluid Inlet G3/8(Standard), G1/4(Option)
Cylinder Air Inlet (CYL) G1/4
Atomization Air Inlet (CAP) G1/4
Measurement L178 × W45 × H45
Air Cap, Fluid Tip Selection
Fluid Tip Size Air Cap No.
805 807
GD (0.7mm)
DFX (1.1mm)
DFW (1.6mm)
Spray Pattern (Spray Distance=200mm) 220mm 300mm

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AGXV Low Volume Medium Pressure

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The AGXV-541 LVMP gun has been developed to provide high transfer efficiency.

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