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The fastest and most efficient water-based paint air-drying system, provided by DeVilbiss

  • The fastest, most energy efficient water-based paint drying method.
  • The gun can take on nearly any aspect using an inlet connector and two extension hoses.
  • Demonstrates amazing drying performance from sills to roofs.
  • Because the gun is solvent resistant, it can be washed using a spray gun washer.

Increases the work capacity of auto repair shops on par with the speed of sound

DeVilbiss' ultimate air drying technology is designed for faster and energy efficient drying method used for waterborne paints to suit at various types of body shops.

  • A combination of DeVilbiss’ computer-aided fluid dynamics and the Coanda effect changes the pressurized air flow within the Drynamic system and dramatically increases the amount of air suction, thus generating an extremely effective air flow for drying.
  • A replaceable filter mounted on the air suction inlet of the Drynamic gun removes airborne dust to protect the paint finish surface from contamination.
  • The Drynamic gun can be used as a handheld unit or as a multi-gun system.

The Drynamic system can be ordered with 2 guns. The guns can be used immediately upon being equipped with the necessary equipment. Simply attach the provided air hose. The equipment includes 1 set of extension hoses provided with quick joints. The extension hoses can be used one at a time or together and are able to expand the reach of the system vertically and horizontally. The 3-legged stand safely secures the system even on smooth surfaces on grid floors.
  • The stand consists of a height-adjustable pole made of strong yet light aluminum. Furthermore, the equipped movable air manifold allows the achievement of a nearly infinite variety of gun mounting positions. If set in a low position, the gun can dry sills, rocker panels, and bumpers. Naturally, it can also dry doors, trunks and hoods, and, if set in a high position, the roofs of 4WD and lightweight commercial vehicles as well. The Aerodrynamics system is compact for easy storage. The extension hose can be removed, leaving behind only a small center hub.
  • The technology of the Aerodrynamics is extremely advanced and the main body of the Drynamics system is finished to meet the needs of repair shops that are using water-based paint systems or that are considering switching to water-based paint systems.
  • The Drynamic gun is made of machined aluminum and the handle is made of molded acetal.
    The gun is not assembled using O-rings so it is solvent resistant and can thus be washed using a spray gun washer.


Air consumption 325L/min (at 0.35MPa)
Recommended working pressure range 0.2~0.4 MPa
Part number
Part number Detail
DMG-620 1 stand system set, 2 DMG guns, 2 extension hoses, and 2 air hoses
DMG-501 Comes with 1 Drynamic gun, an airflow volume adjuster, and a filter
DMG-520 Does not include a stand unit equipped with a hose and an extension

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The fastest and most efficient water-based paint air-drying system, provided by DeVilbiss

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