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The company was founded in 1986 by a group of capable engineers. Our main objectives are to design and manufacture engineering and science laboratory equipment for engineering education predominantly in mechanical and civil engineering. In addition we also market scientific and other engineering education equipment for education as well as equipment for the surface finishing industry from our overseas partners.

Our head office is located on Taksin road in Bangkok metropolis whilst our factory is in Nakornpathom which is 30 km to the west. The factory comprises a machine shop, fabrication areas, an electrical shop, a paint shop, a design office, a test area, a finished product warehouse, show rooms, a training room and a factory administration office, covering a total area of over 2000 square meters.

Quality assurance
We have been certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1999. All our equipment has been designed by our experienced and well qualified engineers with prototypes passing design test standards before market introduction. Parts and materials for the equipment are sourced from approved supplier/material lists and are of readily available industrial components. In process inspection is carried out during every stage of manufacturing with a final inspection after completion.

We develop new products based on market requirements as well as the trend in educational innovation and technological developments. Most of our equipment is available for inspection and/or test run in our factory show room. Small items are normally deliverable from stock.

Software programs are available for the host of our equipment. Learning software for equipment without live signal is available on a multimedia CD-ROM with hypertext user interface to provide information on equipment description, relevant theory, experiment procedures, sample data and calculations etc. It will also have required calculations and hard copy printouts. For equipment with transducers, analog signals are converted to digital, after which operating software displays and analyzes the data on computer.
In case of computer control, software with a touch screen a computer or a note book, control motors and an input/output unit are used.

Each product is supplied with an instruction manual which generally consists of equipment description, relevant theory, installation and commissioning where applicable, equipment operation and test procedures, typical test data and results including sample calculations.

We maintain over 15 well trained engineers and scientists and a number of experienced technicians readily available to provide services such as equipment set up, installation and commissioning and test operation. In addition we also build special equipment for research and other purposes to meet your special requirements. We can even assist you in planning a new laboratory.

With our global marketing network of agents and sales partners we have now supplied our equipment to more than 40 countries.

We are committed to strive towards excellence and to make ESSOM a well recognized brand name in the field of technical education.